10FT Outdoor UV Canopy Tent Frame+Top+Backwall Singleside

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  • 10FT Outdoor UV Canopy Tent Frame+Top+Backwall Singleside
  • 10FT Outdoor UV Canopy Tent Frame+Top+Backwall Singleside
  • 10FT Outdoor UV Canopy Tent Frame+Top+Backwall Singleside


Our Canopies serve as an excellent way to provide shade for outdoor events. The graphic is printed on special water-resistant material and dries immediately during the even more special UV-cured printing process. Finished prints appear shiny and vivid and have added protection against natural elements.

Wind Speed Rating:
20-28 mph

This canopy is a standard 10 ft. x 10 ft. size with five different heights ranging from 10.5 ft. to 11.25 ft. tall. Telescopic legs snap into place. Each hex leg is 40 mm thick.

•  Hexagonal legs have a 40mm girth
•  Aluminum construction weighs 43 lbs

This Package Includes
• Frame (Hex leg thickness: 1.8mm)
• Canopy Custom Print
• Black Nylon Bag
• Rope & Stakes

Canopy Material
• UV Fabric
• Water Resistant
• Vivid Colors
• High quality gloss finish

Graphic Finishing
• Pole pocket added to top of banner
• Hemmed around side and bottom edges
• Grommets added to vertical edge of banner

Backwalls (117" w x 79 " h) - requires 1 rail per backwall. These can be single-sided or double-sided. They are fastened to the top of the canopy tent via velcro and they are secured at the bottom with a horizontal pole which travels the width of the backwall (inside a pole pocket) that attach to the legs of the canopy frame. Backwalls can be assembled onto any side of the canopy.



Turnaround Time: Time it takes to create and install finishing to the print. Our cutoff time for order submissions is 3:00 PM PST. Please complete all order before the cutoff time.

SEVEN DAY Turnaround

Shipping time estimates for UPS Ground

Graphic Size Canopy  121.5"W x 84.25"H
Graphic Size Backwall  117"W x 79"H
Download Template
Canopy Graphic Backwall Graphic
pdf.png pdf.png
Eproof is an optional $20 service we provide in which we allow you to check what your file will look like before it is printed - the file size, resolution, fonts, graphics, colors, margins, and overall positioning. If you would like our Eproof service, then please select YES in the dropdown menu.
Make sure all SPELLING, SIZE, AND DESIGN are CORRECT. Once you approve the proof(s), you are stating that the proof(s) are ready to print and cannot be revised or reprinted without additional costs.
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