Are you a Reseller?

We seek to find Resellers and offer them lower rates on our products.

Resellers must acknowledge that they are in the trade show, display, or advertising business, and that the products they purchase from BannerWorld are for RESALE PURPOSES.

Please read and agree to the terms of use on this site, and then fillin the fields below to create your Reseller account. Prior to accepting orders on BannerWorld, we require you to submit one of the following documents, which identify your business as a reseller in the sign, graphics, or advertising industries.

Step 1. 

Please send the appropriate Resale Identification Fax to (213)745-4733 OR Email to

California Customers:   

  • California Resale Certificate Download

All Other States:

  • Wholesale ID
  • State Sales Tax I.D.
  • Reseller I.D. Number
  • Wholesale License 

Step 2.