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  • Teardrop Flags
  • Teardrop Flags
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  • Teardrop Flags
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  • Teardrop Flags


The outdoor banner stands are able to withstand wind to prevent tipping or falling.
● A spike base for in-ground display is available in addition to, or instead of,
   the standard X-base.
● An optional water bag is available for the X-base to provide additional weight.

  Small Medium Large
Banner Size 34"W X 70"H 40"W X 95"H 40"W X 118"H
Total Height 8.2FT 11FT 14.5FT


Download Template
  Small Medium Large
Banner Size 34"W X 70"H 40"W X 95"H 40"W X 118"H
Total Height 8.2FT 11FT 14.5FT
  pdf.png pdf.png pdf.png



Turnaround Time: Time it takes to create and install finishing to the print. Our cutoff time for order submissions is 3:00 PM PST. Please complete all order before the cutoff time.

TWO DAY Turnaround

THREE DAY Turnaround

Shipping time estimates for UPS Ground

File Requirements

Please complete your order prior to uploading your artwork.
Artwork uploaded prior to having an order placed will be disregarded.

We can take the file in the following file formats:
  • Single Page PDF   (Preferred)
  • JPG (Preferred)
  • PSD – Please flatten file
  • EPS – Please embed all images. Outline all fonts and strokes.
  • Ai – Please embed all images. Outline all fonts and strokes.

Don't Include Crop Marks or Bleed

Artwork at either full scale, 1/2 scale or 1/10 scale that is fine. Just make sure that when the file is being set up the DPI is compensated according to the scale.

  • Full Scale – 150 DPI
  • 1/2 Scale – 300 DPI
  • 1/10 Scale – 450 DPI
***Remove EVERYTHING from your file that you do not want printed on the final product  - especially  hidden layers and template guidelines.  


- Flatten all Objects/Gradients/Swatches/Symbols/Special Effects/Transparencies 
- Outline all text 
-  Flattened PDF (Single Page) or JPEG  file types only 
- Remove all crop marks/bleed otherwise they will be printed 
- File must be the same exact size as what is ordered (exception is Gallery wrap Fold Edge and Products with templates) 
-  CMYK only  (we do not print Pantone/5th/Spot/RGB) 
-  150 dpi 
- If using a template, the file uploaded to our site should match the exact "template size" (different than "graphic size"). 
- Do not scale template files, just flatten them and save at 150 dpi 
- Files over 200" can be scaled 
- Under 300 mb for upload


- Make sure all objects are embedded and flattened (we do not print Non-Native Art).

- If the file is made in Indesign, please flatten the file in Illustrator or Photoshop and export to a JPEG ONLY as we don't recommend using Indesign at our facility.

- If using Compound Paths to create transparencies/shapes, please completely rasterize or flatten them into the file or they may print incorrectly. 

- We do not have specific measurements for Panel jobs. If you are printing in Panels, please make sure you are providing a minimum of 1" overlay in your files. 

Please make sure that your file is in CMYK format for print production with no bleed. It is not required.

For upload assistance please contact us directly: 1 (866) 602-4777


Eproof: A digital trial sheet that is made to be checked and corrected if needed, before sending final artwork to be printed. Proofing is an optional $20 service we provide in which we allow you check what your file will look like before being printed. Each customer is limited to 3 eproofs per file being proofed. Additional eproofs will accrue an additional $10 per proof.

The following will be checked upon eproof request:

• File Size • Graphic(s)
• Resolution • Margins for finishing
• Font(s) • Overall positioning




The following is to be checked by the customer:

• Spelling • Quantity
• Date Stamps • Material
• Overall Design • Finishing
• Size  




Once you approve the eproof(s) with OK to Print: you are stating that the eproof(s) are ready to print, and cannot be revised or reprinted without additional costs. Please be mindful that your turnaround (48 hour or 24 hour) does not start until we receive your approval for printing. BannerWorld.com is not responsible for any copy or design errors including: misspellings, date errors or color variation.

Cutoff time for approval for eproof(s) is 3:00 PM PST Monday through Friday. Failure to approve an eproof(s) on time will result in pushing production time back 1 business day, or rush fee's will be applied to your order. If expedited shipping is needed because of failure to approve a job on time, additional shipping fee's will be applied to your existing order.


Teardrop Flag with X base

Teardrop Flag with Spike base

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